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Hybrid Email Solutions,Microsoft & Linux Combine Hybrid Email Provider in India,Reduced Email Costs with Linux & Microsoft Combined Hybrid Email Solutions India
Combine Microsoft Exchange with Linux Email and Save
Hosted Exchange and Linux Email Hybrid

Give your power users the robust feature set of Hosted Microsoft Exchange, while lighter users enjoy affordable, business-class Linux Email — all on the same domain. Plus, you can manage all of your Linux Email and Hosted Exchange mailboxes in one place, using our centralized Control Panel.

Combine Platforms for a Customized Email Solution

Reduced Email Costs

When you combine Hosted Exchange with Linux Email, your business can meet the needs of all your users, while addressing your budget constraints. For example, a 50-user company can save 40% by moving half its users to Linux Email, compared to using Hosted Exchange alone.

Administrator Support

Give your email administrators the support they need. They can contact our email specialists around the clock, via phone, chat or ticket, to get help with their Hosted Exchange and Linux Email accounts and mailboxes. It’s all included, at no extra cost. Plus, you’re always backed by our industry-leading SLAs and 100% Uptime Guarantee.

Centralized Management

Our hybrid solution creates a seamless experience for your email administrators. From one simple Control Panel, you can add, remove and edit mailboxes, create aliases, set up email forwarding and more, across your Exchange and Linux Email users. One login, and one centralized location for managing it all.

Business-Class Features

No matter whether you choose Linux Email or Hosted Exchange, you’ll always have our premium anti-spam and anti-virus protection, free self-service and assisted migrations, mobile access, Outlook compatibility, our 100% Uptime Guarantee and our expert, always-on support. Plus, you have the option of adding email archiving and cloud-based file storage, across your account.

Best Email Client Apps for Linux

Creating, sending, receiving, forwarding, and replying to messages are the common functions we perform using every e-mail client. An address book as well as the SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 protocols are now standard in all client applications. SMTP is responsible for sending messages and POP3 for downloading messages to the local computer. With IMAP, you usually leave the e-mails on the e-mail server and use the settings and folder structures there.

Thunderbird comes as the default Email client in almost all Linux distros, however, if don’t like it then here are some other best Email client software to install on your Linux PC or laptops such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, CentOS, RHEL, MX Linux, Elementary, Fedora, Manjaro, and others.

We already have instant chat applications to run in a browser, however, still, email is the indispensable medium of communication. And that’s why Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and other such services are so popular. However, the one thing that is common between most email service providers is they all provide a web-based client to let users use their services with the help of the internet and browser. Hence, you cannot surf your email offline until you are not using some Email client that fetches and store emails for offline view. Furthermore, organizations that are using their in-house or cloud-based mail server, their employees, or users also require mail client software to access emails such as Outlook and Thunderbird which are common ones.

Another thing why Email clients are still the best choice because when it comes to managing email across multiple accounts popular mail service provider’s webmail clients running in the browser usually only support a single email account and do not allow the management of mail accounts from other providers.

While webmail clients run on all systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS, this is not the case with locally installed e-mail clients. That is why not only the functions are interesting here, but also the operating systems under which they run. Yes, of course, we have a wide range of software to access multiple email accounts on Windows 10, however, the numbers start shrinking when it comes to Linux operating system. Therefore, we need some good e-mail clients for Linux that help, us to keep track of things even with multiple e-mail accounts. Here, we present some successful e-mail programs and will also give tips on installing them.

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