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Even the Best Email Can Go Down

Email Security with Continuity

Even the Best Email Can Go Down If you hadn’t heard, Microsoft Email, Google Email experienced an extensive outage for several hours in past. Affected services included, Office 365 online software, Although rare, these types out outages happen from time to time, even to the best providers—like Microsoft and Gmail. Since email is so critical to businesses today, ...

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Mailbox Continuity

email down

Email Outage Prevent an email outage with Email Firm. An email outage can wreak havoc throughout an organization, as email has become indispensable to business communication. When an email outage prevents users from sending or receiving email, business grinds to a halt. Productivity plummets, deadlines are missed and customer frustration rises quickly. And IT teams are flooded with calls, pulling ...

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E-mail Outages – Causes and Prevention

email continuity

E-mail Outages – Causes and Prevention The main problem occurs when it doesn’t. And it doesn’t matter whether you are running a business or running an errand – if your e-mail is not working, you are losing information. The truth is that most businesses experience at least one e-mail outage every year, and this downtime, combined with the recovery costs, ...

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Email Support Services

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Email Support Services Email Support Number : +91-9654 01 6484 Avoid interruptions in workflow keep your business healthy We specialize in providing expert IT Infrastructure services with the promise of reliability and resourcefulness to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to clients in the following areas: Information is your most valuable asset. System maintenance and support has always been a challenging task ...

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Common Email Problems

mistake email

Common email problems There are many possible causes for email problems, some of which are easily recognizable and others which will require further investigation. Below are some of the most common email issues and their solutions. I can’t send or receive If you are unable to send or receive emails, there are a few possible causes. The first step is ...

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Email SMTP errors and reply codes

Email SMTP Reply Status Error Codes

Sometimes your SMTP server may return a particular error message. The problem is that it will generally be very cryptic, like “550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable” or “421 Try again later”. What does these numbers mean? First of all: not any reply code is an error. Sometimes it’s just a response containing a detail about the server or ...

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Email Error 550- What Is It And How To Fix It?

email  error

In the most basic sense, an email error message means that the receiver’s email hosting server blocked the email you sent, and as a result, was returned to you. While the message might seem cryptic to ordinary eyes, it is decodable and can help in reaching the root of the problem. What causes email error 550? The email error message ...

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Email Delivery Problems

email delivery problems

Email Delivery Problems With ever growing number of spam emails flooding the Internet, more and more ISPs tighten their email filtering system to prevent spams delivered to their clients. It is virtually impossible to block even 50% of the spams arriving in a mail server, and there will always be false positives (legitimate emails filtered as spams). In an effort ...

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My Email Is Not Working. What Do I Do?

My email is not working

My Email Is Not Working. What Do I Do? Please select from options below: Email not working on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Email not working on Mac Email not working on Blackberry Email not working on Windows 10 Email not working on Outlook Email not working on Android or check the following: BTW If you are not a IT ...

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Why Your Emails Go in the Spam Box

why your emails go to spam

Why Your Emails Go in the Spam Box Why Emails Go to Spam Instead of Inbox Globally, email has an inbox placement rate of about 83%, which is OK. That means roughly 1 in 6 emails get sent to spam or blocked for your subscribers’ inbox altogether. And you may think 83% is pretty good. But here’s a question: Would ...

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