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Email Security Services

Email Security Services

Best Email Security Service Provider in India

Email Security Services for On-Premises or Hosted Email

Email Security Services for On-Premises or Hosted Email


Email security refers collectively to the prediction, prevention, detection and response framework used to provide attack protection and access protection for email. Email security spans gateways, email systems, user behavior, and various supporting processes, services and adjacent security architecture. Key capabilities of the market include Network Sandbox, Content Disarm and Reconstruction, URL Rewriting, Time-of-Click Analysis, Web Isolation Services, Display Name Spoof Detection, Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance on Inbound Email, Lookalike Domain Detection, and Anomaly Detection. The growing problem of phishing and impersonation can be reduced through education, social graph impersonation filtering, improved indicators of identity in email and suspicious email workflow along with email security solutions.

List Of TOP Email Security Gateways

List Of TOP Email Security Gateways

Email Firm Provides Best Email Security Services for On-Premises or Hosted Email

Discover the top list of best Email Security Gateway platforms. Examine email security features such as phishing protection, reporting and admin controls.

Email security should be a top priority for your company. Email is the number one target used by hackers to get access to your company’s private data, and email attacks such as phishing and business email compromise are on the rise. Your first line of defence should be an Email Security Gateway, a platform which guards your emails against hackers, spam and viruses.

There are many Email Security Gateway solutions available. Some are targeted towards enterprise users looking for granular admin controls and advanced functionality. Some are better suited for smaller businesses looking for an easy to use platform with a good price point. Email Firm Provides Best Email Security Services for On-Premises or Hosted Email.

List Of TOP Email Security Gateway Service Providers in India

Email Security
Company Name
Email Security
Email Security
Product Name
Gartner Rating
Customers Choice
Avanan Avanan Avanan 4.8
Proofpoint Proofpoint Email Protection Suite Proofpoint Email Protection Suite 4.6
Mimecast Mimecast Secure Email Gateway by Email.firm.in Mimecast Secure Email Gateway 4.4
Barracuda Barracuda Email Security Gateway by Email.Firm.in Barracuda Email Security Gateway 4.4
Cisco Cisco Secure Email by Email.firm.in Cisco Secure Email 4.4
Fortinet FortiMail by Email.firm.in FortiMail 4.5
Broadcom (Symantec) Symantec Email Security.cloud by Email.firm.in Symantec Email Security.cloud 4.5
Broadcom (Symantec) Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) by Email.firm.in Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) 4.4
Trend Micro Trend Micro Cloud App Security by Email.firm.in Trend Micro Cloud App Security 4.6
Microsoft Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) by Email.firm.in Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) 4.4
Microsoft Microsoft Defender for Office 365 by Email.firm.in Microsoft Defender for Office 365 4.5
FireEye The Email Laundry (Legacy) by Email.firm.in The Email Laundry (Legacy) 4.8
Forcepoint Forcepoint Email Security by Email.firmin Forcepoint Email Security 4.4
Darktrace Darktrace Antigena Email by Email.firm.in Darktrace Antigena Email 4.9
Barracuda Barracuda Essentials by Email.firm.in Barracuda Essentials 4.6
SonicWall SonicWall Email Security by Email.firm.in SonicWall Email Security 4.4
Proofpoint Proofpoint Essentials by Email.firm.in Proofpoint Essentials 4.5
TitanHQ SpamTitan by Email.firm.in SpamTitan 4.7
GreatHorn GreatHorn Email Security by Email.firm.in GreatHorn Email Security 4.8
Area 1 Area 1 Horizon by Email.firm.in Area 1 Horizon 4.5
Trend Micro Trend Micro Hosted Email Security by Email.firm.in Trend Micro Hosted Email Security 4.4
Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Security by Email.firm.in InterScan Messaging Security 4.7
Perception Point Perception Point by Email.firm.in Perception Point 4.8
Abnormal Security Abnormal Security by Email.firm.in Abnormal Security 4.9
Cellopoint Cellopoint Email UTM by Email.firm.in Cellopoint Email UTM 4.9
Hornetsecurity Hornetsecurity Cloud Email Security Services by Email.firm.in Hornetsecurity Cloud Email Security Services 4.7
FireEye FireEye Email Security by Email.firm.in FireEye Email Security 4.6
Sophos Sophos Pure Message by Email.firm.in Sophos Pure Message 4
Barracuda Barracuda Sentinel by Email.firm.in Barracuda Sentinel 4.7
Agari Agari Phishing Defense by Email.firm.in Agari Phishing Defense 4.6
Zix Zix Enterprise Suite by Email.firm.in Zix Enterprise Suite 4.4
Trustwave Trustwave Secure Email Gateway by Email.firm.in Trustwave Secure Email Gateway 4.1
Vade Vade for Microsoft 365 by Email.firm.in Vade for Microsoft 365 4.7
Trend Micro Trend Micro Email Security by Email.firm.in Trend Micro Email Security 5
Armorblox Armorblox platform by Email.firm.in Armorblox platform 5
HelpSystems (Clearswift) Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway by Email.firm.in Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway 4.1
Cyren Cyren Email Security by Email.firm.in Cyren Email Security 3.8
Vircom modus Cloud Email Security by Email.firm.in modus Cloud 5
Trend Micro Trend Micro Smart Protection for Office 365 by Email.firm.in Trend Micro Smart Protection for Office 365 4.5
Vade Vade Secure Cloud Email Security by Email.firm.in Vade Secure Cloud 4.3
Censornet Censornet Email Security by Email.firm.in Censornet Email Security 5
Clearedin Clearedin Email Security by Email.firm.in Clearedin 5
Cyren Cyren Inbox Security by Email.firm.in Cyren Inbox Security 5
Retarus Retarus E-Mail Security by Email.firm.in Retarus E-Mail Security 0
Graphus Graphus Email Security by Email.firm.in Graphus 0
INKY INKY Email Security by Email.firm.in INKY 0
KIWONTECH Receive GUARD by Email.firm.in Receive GUARD 0
Odix odix FileWall by Email.firm.in odix FileWall 0
Mdaemon Technologies Mdaemon Technologies Security Gateway by Email.firm.in Mdaemon Technologies Security Gateway 0
Green Radar grMail by Email.firm.in grMail 0
Libraesva Libraesva Email Security Gateway by Email.firm.in Libraesva Email Security Gateway 0
Votiro Votiro Secure File Gateway by Email.firm.in Votiro Secure File Gateway 0
Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security by Email.firm.in EnGarde Cloud Email Security 0



#1 Enterprise Solution for Cloud Email and Collaboration Security

Avanan uses advanced AI to protect your inbox and catch what others miss.



Proofpoint Email Protection Suite

Proofpoint gives you protection and visibility for your greatest cybersecurity risk—your people.

Proffpoint provide the most effective cybersecurity and compliance solutions to protect people on every channel including email, the web, the cloud, social media and mobile messaging.

Threat Protection

Defend your #1 threat vector, stopping malware, credential phishing, and impersonation across email, cloud and mobile messaging. Orchestrate responses to detected attacks and get actionable intelligence on who your Very Attacked People (VAPs) are.

Information Protection

Get visibility into where your sensitive data is exposed across email and the cloud. Lock down access to files in the cloud, prevent data loss, and archive email and other communications to stay compliant.

User Protection

Educate your people and reduce risk with advanced threat simulations and cybersecurity awareness training. Protect them across personal webmail and web browsing.

Ecosystem Protection

Secure the digital channels you don’t own. Block imposter attacks and malicious content that uses trusted and lookalike email domains, web domains, and social media handles.


Mimecast Secure Email Gateway

Stop current threats before they affect your business

Multi-vector attacks, phishing, BEC, insider threats, and brand impersonation require a pervasive security strategy.

Your Organization Runs on Email

It’s the main way you communicate internally and externally and you rely on it being available all day, every day.

It’s a gateway to other critical IT systems and home to a treasure trove of corporate information your employees value. For all it offers, email needs to be protected and managed or it risks exposing your organization and your data to attack. Your customers and your supply chain are far too valuable to take that chance. It also needs to be effectively archived to meet growing compliance, e-discovery and legal obligations.


Barracuda Email Security Gateway

Barracuda Email Security Gateway
Cloud-connected email security appliance.

Protect Against Email-Borne Threats

With the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, protecting against inbound malware, spam, phishing, and Denial of Service attacks ensures that business productivity isn’t impacted by attacks through the email system. Powerful and customizable policies enable further enforcement of detailed requirements that govern inbound email messages. As a complement to the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, check out Barracuda Sentinel, a cloud delivered AI solution for real-time spear phishing and cyber fraud defense.

Comprehensive Protection from Email-borne Threats
Stop threats before they hit the network
Ensure continuous email availability
Protect sensitive data
Simplify email security


Cisco Secure Email

Cisco Secure Email (formerly Email Security) provides the best protection for your email against cyber threats.


Secure Email’s comprehensive protection for on-premises and cloud-based email stops the most common and damaging cyber threats.

Protecting the #1 threat vector

Defends against phishing, business email compromise, malware in attachments, and ransomware. Industry-leading threat intelligence combats malicious links.

Multilayered defense

Learn how to create a layered approach to your email security defenses. See how Cisco Secure solutions work together to protect your users against phishing and other malware.

Keep your data safe

Robust data loss prevention and encryption safeguard information and protect outgoing email, helping you comply with government and industry regulations.

Integration with SecureX

Integration with SecureX gives enhanced visibility and automation across Cisco Secure products, helping ensure your business functions securely.

Cisco Secure Awareness Training

Cyber criminals know that employees can be exploited. Cisco Secure Awareness Training educates users to work smarter and safer.

Beyond point-in-time detection

Protect against risky files and malicious attachments with Cisco Secure Email Malware Defense (formerly AMP for Email Security)


FortiMail: Fabric-enabled Email Security

Advanced, multi-layer protection against the full spectrum of email-borne threats

FortiMail Delivers Comprehensive, Top-rated Threat Protection

Email is a critical tool for everyday business communication and productivity. It’s also a popular attack vector among threat actors trying to steal credentials, obtain sensitive data or hold it for ransom, or steal funds by gaining access to banking information. As attackers mount more sophisticated multi-vector campaigns against their targets, email security must provide multi-layered protection.

With best-in-class performance validated by independent testing firms, FortiMail delivers advanced multi-layered protection against the full spectrum of email-borne threats. Powered by FortiGuard Labs threat intelligence and integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiMail helps your organization prevent, detect, and respond to email-based threats including spam, phishing, malware, zero-day threats, impersonation, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.

Advanced multi-layer security

FortiMail brings together advanced capabilities to address the full spectrum of email-borne threats faced by organizations today. It protects against:

  • Known threats
  • Suspected threats
  • Unknown/zero-day threats
  • Impersonation attempts
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)

FortiMail – The Future of Email Security Goes Beyond Email

The future of email security is fabric-enabled to counter the growing sophistication of threats and multi-vector campaigns. As part of a fabric, Indicators of Compromise and other telemetry can be shared for enhanced security across your entire security infrastructure. IT and security teams are able to more completely connect the dots to identify multi-vector campaigns by sophisticated actors. And intensive and repetitive workflows including response can be automated to reduce the burden on security operations teams.


Symantec email security.cloud

Symantec email security.cloud

Symantec email security.cloud

Safeguard Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, and on-premises email with the industry’s most complete email security solution.

Insulate users from spear phishing, credential theft and ransomware attacks by using Email Threat Isolation.

  • Shut down sophisticated spear phishing attacks by isolating suspicious email links and web downloads.
  • Stop credential theft by rendering suspicious websites in read-only mode, preventing users from submitting sensitive data.
  • Prevent ransomware and other malware from infecting users by isolating suspicious email attachments.
  • Symantec Email Threat Isolation supports cloud, on-premises, and third-party email security solutions.

Prevent insidious email threats such as spear phishing, ransomware, business email compromise and email spam.

  • Stop spear phishing emails with multiple layers of protection, threat isolation, spam filtering, advanced security email analytics, built-in user awareness, education tools, and more.
  • Block the latest ransomware with content defense, sandboxing, and link protection technologies that detect emerging, stealthy, and zero-day attacks.
  • Defeat business email compromise with impersonation protection, sender authentication enforcement and brand protection controls.
  • Protect your brand reputation by using automation to solve the practical issues of enforcing sender authentication (DMARC, DKIM and SPF) with Symantec Email Fraud Protection.
  • Expose and stop the stealthiest threats by applying insights gathered from the world’s largest global intelligence network.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Cloud App Security
Trend Micro Hosted Email Security
InterScan Messaging Security

Flexibility for your needs

Whatever your resources and security needs, we make protecting your business easy.

Our advanced service, Trend Micro™ Email Security Advanced, gives you continuously updated protection against BEC, ransomware, spam, and advanced targeted attacks, plus enterprise-grade features:

Email continuity, allowing users to send/receive email during an email service outage
Sandbox analysis for unknown files and URLs

Longer mail tracking search window And more


Exchange Online Protection (EOP)

Protect against spam and malware and maintain access to email during and after emergencies.

Get enterprise-class protection and reliability

Guard against spam and malware, maintain email access during and after emergencies, and simplify administration of messaging environments with help from Exchange Online Protection deployed across a global network of data centers.

Best Email Security Services Providers in India

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